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Nitt Links Has Yet To Commit A Violation

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Let us list the topics on the table this week: Jim Tressel doing...whatever he feels like telling us about 5 months later, Auburn paying players, Matt Painter getting a new job (maybe). To say that the past 14 days have been eventful would be a mild understatement. Add in some March Maddness and a few other sporting events and you've got a pretty interesting offseason. Thankfully nobody is talking about us.

---Hot Topics---

Fiesta Bowl ousts CEO

You can read the full report in PDF form here..But if you want the short of it: The Fiesta bowl couldn't get a conference room at the Days Inn, so they used a strip club. I guess you've got to do what you've got to do.

BCS task force will decide Fiesta Bowl future

The whole idea that a bowl system based on money would throw down the ban-hammer on people for spending money on strippers is...fitting. It's even more fitting that the BCS is going to have the Fiesta Bowl prove that they should be a BCS bowl still. That is also known as "Show-Me-The-Money-So-It-Looks-Like-You're-Sorry"

Ex-Auburn players tell HBO they were paid -

That's tonight at 10 on HBO. None of what is mentioned in the report is surprising, but anything official about OSU cheating will get me to watch programming on any channel.

---Best Of The Rest---

Montminy to walk-on with Lions

6'3 kid from Penns Valley. He's scored 1000 points while in high school and seems to be a strong shooter. Doesn't seem likely that he'll see a lot of the court but that doesn't mean he can't be a good asset to have. So it's not a full on siren, but anybody who wants to put on the Blue and White and play ball gets my respect.

Nits get star who plays all over the field

Reading stuff like this about kids coming into the program makes me hopeful. If somebody gameplans around you, I want you on my team.

The top five Penn State linebackers to ever play in the NFL - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

Honestly I saw Penn State, and Yahoo! and just about had a heart attack.