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Nitt Links Wants To Win The Capital One And Fulmer Cup

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Yesterday was a pretty busy day in the Big Ten. Jim Tressel successfully answered zero questions about his troubles, Matt Painter decided to stay at Purdue, and Penn State took a step forward in the race for the Fulmer Cup. Maybe the most anticipated event of the day (for non-Purdue fans) was HBO's special on the general dirt in college football.

These sorts of programs get a lot of hype and rarely deliver. Maybe it's because we're waiting for them to drop some bomb on college football that will change things, but realistically that isn't what is going to happen. For those of you who couldn't watch it there were a few main themes during the program. I'm sure this will be brought up in the comments so we'll only touch on them in the broad sense.

  • Recruits and players sometimes get money from Alums
  • The SEC is dirty
  • Student athletes don't get paid for anything they help sell
  • Bryant Gumbel can't wear a microphone without the wires showing

On the whole, it was kind of underwhelming. HBO didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know, they just gave a few new examples. Maybe the best part of the whole program was Rich Rod being on the panel looking excited to be alive. Bryant Gumbel kept mentioning backhandedly that Rodriguez had committed an NCAA violation in a way that would have made you think he bribed recruits with new born babies. While I'm not a Rodriquez fan, I'm not going to get that worked up over a coach who had his players stretch for 20 more minutes than they should have.

---Hot Topics--- 

Nebraska: School prepares for Big Ten football

I think I'm in the minority, but I'm more excited about this game than the Alabama one. No doubt I'll change my mind once Bama  comes to town, but playing Nebraska is going to be fun. I hope.

Auburn Tigers coach Gene Chizik calls HBO reports garbage

I like interviews like this. It's like the people on #tcap who ask if the girls in the chatrooms are really cops. As if to suggest they'll blow their cover if you just ask them the right questions. I don't think the players who came out about Auburn have much to gain, so I tend to believe them to some extent. Chizik getting hot and bothered doesn't surprise me, it's sort of his job at this point.

Catching Up With Talor

I hope the Buie situation works out quickly and without too much mess. He's slowly but surely tainting Talor's exit from Penn State. It might just be me, but the faster they all move on the better. Never thought I'd say that, and it's not for a lack of respect for what Talor has done. I just don't think the program needs a messy offseason.

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State University Official Athletic Site - Football

The second episode of the Big Ten Network's newest original program, Path to the Pros, will debut at 8:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 31.. The four-episode series follows four Big Ten football players, including Penn State All-American Stefen Wisniewski (Bridgeville), as they prepare for the NFL Draft.

2011 NFL Draft, 50 in 50: Stefen Wisniewski

Didn't mean to clip two seperate Wiz articles, but he's a good kid and a hard worker so we'll let it slide.

Dance ticker: Matt Painter staying put as Purdue's coach

This was hard to miss if you were on the Internet at all yesterday. Happy for Purdue. Painter is a good guy and the Big Ten is better off with him in it.

Penn State Leads Nation With 10 NCAA Championships Since 2007

Hell yea.