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Nitt Links Is Just Taking It All In

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Well this has been quite the week. From drama all over the country to drama in our own backyard, it's safe to say that next week could be a little calmer and nobody would object. As far as the Sandusky situation, I'm going to keep it out of the links. If anything changes or comes up I'll let Mike or Fugi take care of it. Obviously these posts are for news updates, but a situation like that shouldn't be haphazardly placed next to a link about Brandon Ware's lunch discount.

So back to some normalcy:

---Hot Topics---

Open again: JayPa says Penn St QB job up for grabs in spring

2 years ago I expected this to be a season we had a real shot at the whole thing. The longer and longer it takes to get this QB situation figured out the less and less I feel this way. It'd be one thing if this battle was starting now, but it's almost a year old.

Battle, Brooks hope to land in pro camps

Battle won't get drafted. With only 2 rounds and half of those picks going to players from out of the country it's next to impossible to get drafted. In Jeff and Talor's case, that's for the better as they'll be able to widen their search as a free-agent. I wouldn't be surprised to see either of them on a roster in some form, but the key right now is to get their name out there.

Dozier and Wisniewski On Ballot For 2011 College Football Hall of Fame Class

We can't vote for them, but we can root for them. #PoliticalBumperStickers

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State's Bradley playing the hand he's dealt - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

A deck of cards that bend but don't break.

Former PSU wrestler Phil Davis climbing UFC ranks - The Daily Collegian Online

As an MMA fan I can say with some authority that Davis is one of the sports rising stars. On top of that he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. I mean, heck, he wears pink shorts when he fights for breast cancer and has a mouth guard that says "Family" on it. I can root for that.