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Nitt Links Made It Through The Weekend

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While my alleged escapades would leave you to think I spent the past 48 hours finding my shoes and washing sharpie off of my face, I can assure you that I'm alive and well. My weekend wasn't without some interesting sights and sounds though. This would iinclude an excited-to-be-alive/concussed Derek Moye, Curtis Drake with no limp or cast, and Bani Gbadyu yelling at a closed pizza shop window.

So there you go, I've taken up a new front of frontline journalism. All for you, the BSD reader.

---Hot Topics---

Nittany Lions see potential up front

To me, this is the biggest single issue going into the season. No matter who ends up under center, they won't be able to dotheir job if the offensive line can't get it going. Almost every loss over the past 3 years has come from a failure to win the battle in the trenches and that needs to change. I like the optimism, but I'll believe it when I see it.

No. 10 Men's Volleyball Defeats No. 9 Ohio State, 3-1

Beating Ohio State gets you in the links. Period.

Will Joe Paterno name a starting quarterback when spring practice ends?

Outside of this article there seems to be some debate between the coaching staff regarding this topic. Apparently Joe wants to wait, and Jay has pushed for a #1 (See what I did there?) coming out of spring practice. I doubt they'll decide, and I'm not sure there is a whole lot to gain by doing so, but I guess we'll see.

---Best Of The Rest--- : Professional advice: Penn State's Lynn gets tips from Jets' Revis

This makes me excited. Hate the Jets or love them, Revis is a Top 5, if not the #1 corner in the league. Anything (football related) Lynn can take from him is welcome.

The Plain Dealer's Player of the Year: Trey Lewis

The awards keeping coming. Lewis played this weekend in the Kentucky-Ohio All Star game and apparently had a good showing.

Penn State University Official Athletic Site - Men's Tennis

Because we don't give Tennis any love.