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Nitt Links Says Happy Birthday To The Eternal Quarterback

That's right folks. Today the 12th of April marks the birthday of Pat Devlin, maybe the greatest quarterback to have attended Penn State and have done nothing while being there. Certainly you can blame a good number of people for Devlin's lack of participation on the field, but ultimately it comes down to just letting go. At  the end of the day, I'll take my back-to-back 11-2 records and Big Ten title. That being said, he got the job done and beat Ohio State. And for that we thank you.


Put this together yesterday, hope you like it.

---Hot Topics---

Uplifting Athletes 4rd Annual Dunk Tank Fundraiser at Blue-White Weekend

Matt McGloinis on the list of players you'll be able to dunk. I'll let someone else drop the growing twitter phrase that goes along with McGloin. That being said, I might have to walk on over and give that ginger a ride to the water below.

Penn State quarterbacks taking the lead - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

Speaking of our boy Matt. It seems that this year we'll be picking our quarterback by seeing who can grill our center the most. I'll take it. If nobody else is going to coach our offensive line it may as well be a cocky walk-on and a guy with commitment issues. In all seriousness though, it's good to see them stepping up and taking charge.

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What we should do here is not guess who will have the best day, but guess who will have the best day and subsequently do nothing in the regular season (see Paul Jones)

---Best Of The Rest---

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Not really Penn State related, but an interesting situation nevertheless.

Fixing College Basketball – Six Ways to Get It Right |

Sadly, someone saying nobody cares about Penn State basketball made me laugh..sigh..

Roller hockey club ready for nationals - The Daily Collegian Online

Oh hell yes.