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Nitt Links Didn't Mean To Forget The Overlord's Birthday

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An actual picture of myself being eaten alive. You don't miss these sorts of things and get away with it. I said I was sorry, and he reconstituted my body.

Like most folks my age, I went to bed later than my mother would like, and got up later than she would approve of. Yesterday was no different. Woke up, made my rounds about the apartment looking for homework, clothes and something to eat. Went to class and talked about Barbara Jordan's speech and headed home to hang out with my peeps on the Internet. I do not laugh outloud very often, opening yesterday's Nitt Links is one of the few exceptions.

My only comment on the thread: I cannot confirm or deny any allegations against myself or the stories fabricated about my night on the town. That being said, sorry for double posting something Mike had already picked up while I was taking my leave.

So anyway..

---Hot Topics---

Redd says there's still no clear-cut winner in QB derby

While the article is directed towards quarterback talk, it's interesting to see how Redd addresses the offensive line. Clearly, he isn't going to throw his guys under the bus, but there are less glowing, and still polite ways to say what you mean. Joe is the master of saying something to motivate kids in the preseason, either way it's nice to see somebody saying the offensive line doesn't look like Swiss cheese. Hopefully he means it.

Stankiewitch wants to make up for lost time

I won't go as far as to say he needs to step up, but I'll imply heavily that his increased production on the field would be a good thing.

Huskers to face wealth of big-time programs

The fact Nebraska is playing in  the Big Ten this year has gone under the radar a little bit. I mean, we've talked about it, but after it was announced it sort of became an after thought. Maybe that's just me, but it seems like nobody cares anymore. Regardless, Nebraska is pumped to be a part of the Big Ten, I'm mostly excited to make jokes about Bo Pelini rage.



This seems pretty relevant to our interests.

Explosive back ready for any role with team

The thought of Silas Redd being a number one back excites me to no end. That being said I wouldn't mind seeing Green back in the mix as well.

North Korea’s First CFB Broadcast

This made the rounds on EDBS yesterday, but if you missed it you need to check it out.

Paterno interview on TV - AltoonaMirror

If you can, watch it tonight and let us know how it goes.