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Nitt Links Has A Football Game This Weekend

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Seems like just yesterday we were placing bets on which pass would be interception #5 and just shaking our heads getting ready for a long postseason. While I'm sure we've all had more fun in the span between the bowl game and spring practice, I think it's safe to say we came out of it all a little better than we expected. Joe is well, the program hasn't fallen into a black hole, and recruiting has picked up. Considering the doom and gloom on the internet after the bowl game, things could be a lot worse.

So congrats, we've made it most of the way. Your reward now is a football game in the rain that doesn't mean a whole lot but will be looked at for the next 3-4 months because frankly we have nothing else to do. Not the greatest reward but remember. It could be worse.

---Hot Topics---

Barfknecht: JoePa not distressed by NCAA issues -

Right around the time Yahoo! was telling everyone the world was ending I have to admit that it was discouraging. If for no other reason than it seemed like everywhere you looked, somebody was cheating behind closed doors and tainting an otherwise amazing sport.

But I got to thinking,at the end of the day really only a handful of programs are doing the unspeakable, and for every Ohio State and Auburn, there are 10 other schools doing something right. It's a nice reminder than while somebody might be the loudest person in the room, it doesn't mean they're right, and it doesn't mean they're in the majority. So hooray for morals.

Don't expect to find the next star at the Blue-White scrimmage |

While the Blue White game isn't the final word on how good this team will be, I'd much rather see 60 yard field goals and 400 yards passing.

Coaches, players excited about opportunities that come with expansion

The Big Ten is a brand, it isn't describing the conference.

---Best Of The Rest---

State College, PA - Surprise Penn State Hockey Gift, Augusta National Trip Complete 'Masterful' Week

Given the fact I love hockey, I'll listen to whatever Battista wants to talk about. I can only imagine if Tim Curley had one of these open diary, blog, what-I-did-this-week articles.

George Schroeder: When it comes to uniforms, fashionistas hit the new Oregon trail

Apparently Ohio State is going to be the next school to get a new uniform every half of football. I guess if your program is about to find the dumpster, you may as well reflect it on your jersey.