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Nitt Links Likes The Scraps

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Not going to lie, I'm writing this within a half hour of the Flyers losing so I'm a little (as they like to say) salty. I'm sure more of you are excited about this than I am, but living in a pretty Pittsburgh heavy town it's something I've come to terms with. Anyway, it's looking more and more like this weekend it going to be pretty rainy, so if you've got plans for coming to State College make sure to bring your rainboots, the forecast at this point has gone from "Rain" to "Did you hear the story about Noah?"

---Hot Topics---

Penn State football going back to basics |

Penn Live with another perspective blogger. May as well let him know what you think.

PSU announces more parking changes

I'd be pretty surprised if they played a second half of this game. It's going to be raining like there's no tomorrow, cold, and windy. But, if you go, don't bring your RV.

Powell finally finds a home on defense for Penn State -

It's about time he settled on a position, about the only one he hasn't tried out is punter.

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State mixes it up in scrappy spring - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

I love the part when it says Joe loves to see players fight. I can just imagine two 300 pound linemen going at it and Joe going: "GIVEEE IT TO EM YA NINCOMPOOP" Generally I like the idea of the guys getting emotional as long as it isn't a personal scrap.

Video: Penn State DC Tom Bradley - Big Ten Blog- ESPN

I've got nothing against Rittenberg, but his little hunched over hobbit like stance always makes me feel like he's setting bloggers back, if we can even go back. This entire interview is completes the stereotype by the pure fact you can't even see a window which makes it much more likely that Scrap was a hologram and Rittenberg was in his mother's basement.