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Blue-White Game Washed Away, Blue Wins 10-0

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It wasn't even weather for ducks at Beaver Stadium for the 61st annual Blue-White Game. The scrimmage was stopped two minutes into the second half with the Blue team leading 10-0 Saturday afternoon as heavy rain bands pounded Happy Valley.

The half of football that was played was pretty gruesome. Robert Bolden threw an interception on the first snap from scrimmage and combined, the two teams turned the ball over three times in the half. There were also unofficially four fumbles.

With bad conditions and vanilla gameplans, there wasn't a whole lot to take away from what transpired on the field. Nevertheless, it was a good day for starting quarterback hopeful Matthew McGloin who finished the game 5-10 for 109 yards and a touchdown. His effort included 3/4, 59 yard performance in the game's only touchdown drive.

Brandon Beachum looked strong running the ball, racking up 24 yards on six carries. He did lose a fumble, but of all the backs, he seemed to be the only one who really found much consistent footing.

With a few key starting receivers missing, Brandon Moseby-Felder stepped up to have a nice game. He hauled in two passes for 31 yards and caught the game's only touchdown from McGloin. He also got his hands on some other balls and appeared to be the quarterbacks' favorite target in the game.

It was a disappointing day for Bolden, the other starting quarterback hopeful who, by many accounts, had a solid spring. He finished 0-5 for obviously no yards and the interception. It's hard to read too much into that given the conditions, but nevertheless, he probably would  have liked to complete a few balls if he could have.

The players were visibly thrilled to get off the field, high-fiving and dancing as they ran toward the tunnel. This was no day for a football game, especially a meaningless one, and if there's one real positive everyone can take from the dreary day it's that no one got hurt.

We'll have much more in the coming hours and days here at BSD, including an exclusive interview you're going to want to see, so stay tuned.