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Penn State Blue-White Game Reaction: Tom Bradley

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In early January, journalists from across the Penn State sphere were tripping over themselves for a chance to talk to defensive coordinator Tom Bradley. He was, after all, one of the hottest head coaching prospects in the country as a candidate for both the Pittsburgh and Connecticut head coaching job vacancies.

Fast forward to April, though, and Scrap's future is no longer the sexy headline. He's still in Happy Valley, still coaching up what he hopes will be another top-10 defense and still serving as head coach Joe Paterno's right hand man. That, apparently, was too boring for anyone to ask him questions about following Saturday's Blue-White Game at Beaver Stadium. I found him sitting at the end of the press table by himself before he agreed to talk about the defense with me for a couple of minutes.

Totally unprepared for a one-on-one opportunity, I must say what follows is not my finest work. However, we at BSD are thrilled to have tripped into an exclusive interview with Bradley. Thanks go out to him for answering my fumbling questions. Check it out in the video below.