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Nitt Links Knows The Meaning Of Derp

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We've been on a bit of a Monty Python run in the threads as of late so it only seemed fitting to give it a run in the title. In all honesty though derp is about the only word you can use to sum up the Blue White game. Interceptions, fumbles, and everything in between. There is something to be said for this being the first practice outside all year that just so happened to be in the rain storm from hell. If the game had gone really well it wouldn't mean anything in a few months, if it goes badly it won't mean anything either. Sure I'd rather have it go well, but I'm not praying to the football Gods just yet.

 ---Hot Topics---

Bolden in no hurry to decide his future | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/17/2011

As much as I want to see Bolden start, his inability to commit to Penn State is getting old. I understand he is going weigh his options and try and make a good choice but at somepoint you just have to roll with the punches. At this point, if he leave he'll have to sit out a year, learn a new system and then hope he can beat out quarterbacks who have already been around that program. If Bolden can't even beat out a pretty average walk-on quarterback what makes him think he'll just run away with it somewhere else? 

College Hockey News: Speculating on Penn State

The fact more information hasn't been leaked is something of a miracle

Penn State football:  Rob Bolden And Michael Robinson

Become half the man Robinson is and you'll turn out ok.





---Best Of The Rest---


A Gay Former Player Responds to Kobe Bryant -

A really good article, I'm a Kobe fan I don't pretend that what he said was appropriate.

Recruit’s Friend, Team’s Fan and Colleges’ Headache -

Yay for twitter and facebook making recruiting harder than it already is.

Conn. duo aims to boost Penn St in the fall |

Maybe Redd can play quarterback too.