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Penn State Blue-White Game Reaction - Offense

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It'd be the understatement of some arbitrary and exaggerated timeframe to say the offensive playing conditions were less than ideal for Saturday's Blue-White game at Beaver Stadium. The rain ruined just about everything that the already pretty vanilla game plans did not. Nevertheless, there were some interesting performances to talk about, so this morning, we're going to let the players themselves discuss them as well as their springs as a whole.

First off is quarterback Matthew McGloin. His 5-10, 109 yard and one touchdown stat line wasn't the prettiest thing in the world, but on a day nearly devoid of offensive highlights otherwise, his 3/4, 59 yard effort on the game's only touchdown drive stood out. Here are his comments after the game. Sorry for the camera shifting mid-vid. Had to make room for the TV cameras. (Yes, this was in the fanshots, but as you all know, no one read the fanshots so...)

After the jump, comments from Justin Brown, Brandon Moseby-Felder and DeOn'tae Pannell.

Typically, the spring game is a time for off-the-radar guys to step up and show some folks what they can do. We didn't see a whole lot of that on Saturday, but Brandon Moseby-Felder did make his presence felt, hauling in a pair of passed and catching the only touchdown of the afternoon. Here's what he had to say after the game.

We didn't get to see a whole lot of wide receiver Justin Brown as he was limited to one catch for 19 yards on Saturday, but expectations are high for him this season as we chronicled in our "Step Up" post on him a few weeks ago. Below, he talks quarterbacks and other spring topics. (Yes, also in the fanshots).

The offensive line will be one of the unit's big question marks heading into the fall. Joe Paterno has said there's no clear No. 1 line at this point, so that will have to materialize in the next few months for Penn State to have success in 2011. Here are lineman DeOn'tae Pannell's comments on what they group has to do to improve over the summer.