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Nitt Links Always Loved Darryl Clark

You'll be hard pressed to find a guy nicer than Darryl Clark who never gave anything less than his best effort. We often times look so quickly into the future with teams that we forget what we had. While the rest of the interview is very interesting, it's always a good reminder that these guys might just read what you say on the internet. Nobody on BSD gets their trollgaze on too much, and as long as Bolden never find my ThunderC**K picture of him we'll be fine. So if anything, thanks again for not being Audibles.

---Hot Topics---

Making the case: How Penn State rebounds in 2011 | 

Well look who it is...go give the post some love.

After a season that featured five double-digit losses, it's probably hard for you to imagine Penn State making a serious run at a BCS Bowl in January. Totally understandable.  That's why I'm here to imagine it for you.  Here's how Penn State can recover from their worst season since The Dark Years.  Just play along...

Spring game recap: Penn State - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

He's getting 4 quarters out of a 2 quarter game. I respect the effort.

Franco: JoePa will know when to retire - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Because you know, you can never have this conversation too many times.

---Best Of The Rest---

Shrive has moved all over O-line - -

I've always had mixed emotions about the "Get the best 5 guys on the field" concept. I understand why you do it, but at the same time I often wonder if it's the best way to build an offensive line.

A patient Brandon Beachum finally back for Penn State |

Nice to see a guy come back from being injured and get a chance to play. I've like what I've seen in Beachum and a 3-headed running back system could be fun to play with.

Bolden's looming decision will have wide-ranging impact on PSU program

My gut doesn't see Bolden staying. He keeps dropping little bombs about how things aren't quite right or he wishes it was different. I hope he stays but saying you got better over the spring and that you smiled this morning doesn't mean you'll always be here. At this point it's just a wait and see.

COLLEGE HOCKEY: UMD coach Sandelin contacted about Penn State job

A pretty interesting twist in the coaching search. Possible donor influences could really open the table up.