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Penn State Blue-White Game Offensive Grades

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As has been repeated at least thirty times since Saturday, the Blue-White game didn't offer us much to evaluate about the team on at the end of spring practice. Nevertheless, we wanted to go through our normal weekly grades anyway to summarize the efforts we saw from each position. Who stuck out? Who wasn't quite what we expected? Below, we go spot by spot and evaluate on a pass/fail scale, and trust me, we're going to be generous.


Beyond Matthew McGloin's 5-10 for 109 yard and a touchdown performance, there's really not much to speak of here. Robert Bolden didn't complete a pass and was picked off on the first play of the game. Paul Jones failed to complete a pass, too. Kevin Newsome was 3-7 for 22 yards, so that was decent to see, but really, outside of that, it was a pretty lousy day behind center for all involved. Of course, it's really hard to throw in a meaningless game with driving wind and rain messing with you, so we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Grade: Pass.

Running Backs

Brandon Beachum was the standout here on Saturday. He racked up 24 yards on six carries for a 4.0 yard per carry average. Not great, but given the conditions, not bad, either. He looked the strongest of all Penn State's backs running the ball and kept himself moving forward rather then sideline-to-sideline as some of the other backs have a tendency to do. We see efforts like that in the regular season and we might have another Tony Hunt on our hands. Curtis Dukes also did a nice job with his three carries, racking up 15 yards. Silas Redd was pretty underwhelming. His 24 yards on nine carries got him only to a 2.7 average and he seemed to be dancing a lot back there. Not what you want to see on messy turf. Grade: Pass

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

The struggles of the quarterbacks pretty much go hand-in-hand with the trouble the wide receivers had on Saturday. Brandon Moseby-Felder, who scored the games only touchdown, was the only wideout with more than one catch. He looked pretty good playing in place of Derek Moye, though, so who knows? The team might get some production from him in the fall that it wasn't expecting. Devon Smith, voted the MVP of spring practice, hauled in a big 36-yard pass to set up a field goal for Blue and Justin Brown had a nice 19-yard reception, too. Outside of that, it was a pretty quiet day for the wide receivers. O and the tight ends were no where to be found in the passing game. Nevertheless... Grade: Pass

Offensive Line

The line was actually pretty decent on Saturday after a much-maligned spring practice. Of course, the defensive line couldn't get off much of a pass rush in the slop, but the blockers did a solid job nonetheless. McGloin, especially, seemed to get time behind the Blue team's line, especially on its touchdown drive late in the second quarter. Run blocking obviously still has a ways to go, but if the hogs can protect the quarterback, this offense will have a chance with the weapons on the outside. Grade: Pass


Above, we paint a pretty rosy picture of what the game actually looked like down on the field. Truthfully, this thing was a comedy of errors from start to finish, but what can you expect when you send a bunch of kids out there with no gameplan in weather that would have made Noah blush? Might as well accentuate the positive and talk about who stuck out in the half of football that was played instead of dwelling on how meaningless it was in the big picture. Grade: Pass.