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Nitt Links: Yep It's The Offseason Again

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So how can you tell that it's the Penn State offseason? Here are four ways the media reminds you of that everyday, feel free to add more.

  • Joe doesn't visit enough recruit's houses.
  • The offensive line struggles (possible sign of mid-season as well)
  • No quarterback, but everyone knows who should be.
  • Jay is being shopped around by the fans.

---Hot Topics---

Jack Nicklaus: Jim Tressel 'took the hit' for Ohio State over NCAA violations

I don't have a whole lot of respect for Jim Tressel but I respect the hell out of Jack Nicklaus, who in this case could very well be on point with this whole situation. Even if Tressel didn't tell anybody else at Ohio State what was going on, you'd be hard pressed to find a shadier bunch of people than the Ohio State admin.

JoePa’s latest deal nearly up

Well, it was about time this came up again. While none of us want this to turn out like Florida State, I do think that there is a way to ease out of the Paterno era without it getting messy. How you do that? Can't say that I know.Plenty of people would like to see that time come sooner rather and later, and while that isn't hard to understand I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts.

NCAA’s new taunting rule likely irrelevant to Joe Paterno’s Penn State squad

It was either last year or the year before Penn State got a celebration call for someone pointing at the sky. I don't like to bask in our ethical glory, but I bet our touchdown to celebration penalty ratio is off the charts.

---Best Of The Rest---

Scott Sandelin And The Penn State Hockey Coaching Search

Donor money FTW

Talor Battle Speaks Before Penn State Alumni Council

Maybe Penn State used him a little bit to get some cash, but Battle is a good kid. I wish there had been a way to send him off better than a 30 second timeout.

College Hockey News:Be afraid… be very afraid…

Anybody who calls Jim Delany part of an Evil Empire gets my vote. Not that I don't like Delany, I just have forgotten about that Big Ten logo.