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Nitt Links: Yea Tim Curley I See You Over There

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I get on DeChellis' case a lot. We've sort of addressed why over the course of a season so I'm not going to dive into the pros and cons of having him around. Today we're going to talk about Mr Curley, a man who shall we say, likes to hide behind revenue and nice looking numbers, but the fact of the matter is he's a bigger problem when it comes to the basketball program. Why? Well, David Jones went into that in more detail today after Lewis Preston, Taran Buie, and Ernie Nestor left the program within the week. If a few things had gone differently Dan Earl would have been out of town as well. I won't steal Jones' thunder, he paints the picture better than I.

Why do I bring this up in the middle of football coverage? Because I see you hiding over there Tim, and I want a better basketball program than this. Good people work in it, good kids play for it, and good fans want it. And you, you're happy we're making bank.

Frank Bodani: Watch for Joe Paterno's telltale signs - The York Daily Record

Of all the smoke and mirrors that get thrown around during pressers the one thing I've noticed though is Joe's somewhat hidden confidence in this team. Clearly there are things that need to be worked out before they can really win some games but you can tell when Joe knows they aren't ready. If you're bad, he'll just tell you. I'm not going to say we'll win it all, but Joe makes me feel like we might surprise some people.

Preston's departure just tip of the Titanic at PSU |

See above..

Penn State Football's 125th Season Features Many Fan Favorites

I know a lot of people find these sorts of things but I've got to say I enjoy it. Penn State is all about history and tradition, as a little kid I remember watching guys play and wanting to wear a jersey or go to a game. We often forget in our obsessionwithfootball that there are always new people coming to games for the first time. Some kid out there wants to get his picture taken with a fake poster of Evan Royster or Matt McGloin (God help him). Maybe it's a little bit of forced atmosphere, but in the middle of the 3rd quarter you won't even remember that it's Wear-Your-Favorite-Jersey-Day.

Michigan softball team sweeps doubleheader at Penn State

I've been to the new softball stadium and I've got to say I'm impressed. It's nice setup, if you haven't seen it you can here.

Penn State Drops Maryland, 4-2

I don't know a whole lot about our baseball team, but judging by Fugi's tweets from the pressbox they're usually real barnburners.

Exclusive: Arrested UF Player Says 'We'reGonna Get Away With It'

If this story wasn't good enough, the censorship of the article makes it twice as good. This won't win you the Fulmer Cup but it's almost better than your average crime. And for that we thank you.

The Nutbags Strike Back: Updyke’sFamily Gets Death Threats

Because you know, this couldn't get any weirder.