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Nitt Links Is Ready To Drop The Puck

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You could always count me in as one of the many people who is excited to see Penn State start a division 1 hockey program. Everything about it screams success. Penn State students are pretty well educated hockey fans, alum like hockey, and we're in the middle of maybe one of the most successful professional hockey states in America. This isn't an attempt to start another Pitt-Philly debate. Both teams are playing good hockey, and both fanbases love their teams. The point of the comment is to show how much Penn State has going for it.

I don't know how long it will take to get to where we want to be, but I hope to be there soon. With the backing, support, and talent surrounding the program it seems only likely that Hockey Valley will be a name in college hockey all too soon.

Hockey fan or not, it's an exciting day for Penn Staters everywhere. So from BSD to you, welcome Guy Gadowsky.

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Sandelin: "I’m thrilled not to be going anywhere" | Rink and Run

The toughest part about the coaching search was going to be turning down good names. Sandelin would have been a great coach here, as well as Mark Johnson but we can't have them all I suppose.

#13 Penn State Victorious at #18 Johns Hopkins

My family lives next door to the women's lacrosse coach. Really nice family and a great bunch of people. Always have been surprised about the lack of lacrosse interest at Penn State. With so many Maryland natives at UP I'd expect it to be a bigger deal. Although that interest might be more towards the men's game which hasn't been quite as successful.

Penn State Edges Ohio State, 10-9

Baseball team is tied for 1st in the Big Ten. I'll take it.

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An Open Challenge to Cam Newton

It's never too early to win the internet.

Despite losses, Ohio State's defense is looking good

Still don't quite get the scoring but outside of JT sucking up to the troops in his all camo garb, it was an uneventful game.

The Second Shutdown 40: #65 — Stefen Wisniewski, C, Penn State

Good kid, hope he gets his chance.

This Year's Big Ten Title Race Is Wide Open | isportsweb

Still think OSU has an edge this year but there are about 3-4 teams outside of that who could make a run at it.