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Nitt Links: Afternoon Delight

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So late in the day and the links are only now just going up? Turrible. Too much quality content to let some links bump them down the page so we let it wait. Weather in Happy Valley is great today, only in State College could we have snow, rain, and 60+ degree weather in the span of 7 days. I've gotten used to it, but normal weather would be a nice change.

Anyway, as far as the links. Jim Tressel is in over his head, Rich Rod is a sad confused angry little man, and the NCAA isn't in much better shape. So read up, and enjoy the fact our new hockey coach has a Canadian accent. That thing alone will win us a few games. Trust me, those things are magic.

---Hot Topics---

 Jim Tressel should resign or be fired.

I'm hoping for the second. If he resigns he gets to take the fall, if he's fired he gets to be held accountable.

Former head coach Rich Rodriguez regrets leaving West Virginia for Michigan - ESPN

I for one will miss that angry little man.

NCAA panel members attended 2008 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl event - ESPN

Nine of the 11 members of an NCAA panel that will help decide the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl's fate attended a bowl-sponsored retreat that included free meals, resort rooms and golf outings.

---Best Of The Rest---

Ohio State football: More Tressel emails released | BuckeyeXtra

"Dear Mom, got a story for you...."

Fullback dive: 26-year-old walk-on, an active-duty Navy specialist, chasing his football dreams at PSU

Navy diving specialist P.J. Byers spent three years repairing submarines and battleships underwater while stationed at Pearl Harbor.

He better get some snaps.

Students suggest ways to change PSU fan behavior

The comments section alone is worth reading this article.