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Nitt Links: Fake Buckeyes, Stun Guns And Rage

For the handful of you who follow me on twitter I alluded to some negative-rage-filled-hate-post only worthy of a master-troll to open up today. While I've still got that post sitting on my desktop, it was just too darn long for a links post. I might break it up in chunks or just fan post it. We'll see. Most of you knew nothing of this until now, but for those of you who did, don't worry, I'm still full of hate.

Enough rage, on to the links:

---Hot Topics---

Can Joe Paterno win another National Championship before retiring?

Don't think it's likely. Not because of Joe, but the numbers just aren't in his favor. Takes a lot to go your way for that to happen.

Mr. Clean | Eleven Warriors

ESPN talking head and full-time Fake Buckeye Kirk Herbstreit's reaction was as shallow, vindictive and stupid as anyone following his broadcasting career would come to expect. Herbstreit said that Tressel should "quit recruiting players like Clarett and Pryor," a suggestion borne from the benefit of selective hindsight and revisionist history.

Interesting article. I don't agree with all of it but I understand where they're coming from. My only comment on the matter is while Herbstreit may have taken liberties, players like Clarett and Pryor are always showing up in the same places. Sure you can't always tell what a 18 year old kid is going to do on the weekend, but there are plenty of skilled football players all over the country who manage to do just fine without their name on a NCAA investigation.

Penn State is better than you, Ohio State. I'm better than you, Buckeye fan.

Oh my.....

---Best Of The Rest---

Are Athletes Pushed too Hard?

Well you know, our strength and conditioning won't ever make you break a sweat. #sarcasm

WPIAL Announces Hall Of Fame Class

If you haven't ever listened to Lavar's radio show in DC you really should give it a try. May not have had the best NFL days but he's not too bad on the radio.

Florida dismisses standout cornerback Janoris Jenkins

If you get hit by a stun gun I think that should count for a free pass for a little while.