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Nitt Links: Sometimes It Isn't A Game

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First of all, Paige. Glad that you're well. I'm writing this in the middle of a thunderstorm that while impressive, doesn't have the power that it did earlier in the day a few hundred miles to the south of Happy Valley. I've always wanted to see a tornado, and I still do, but it can be easy to forget how powerful and scary it all can be. I spent the morning reading about basketball, and the evening hoping all our BSDers were doing well.

There isn't anyway to segway out of this sort of conversation into normalcy, so I won't. Stay safe all of you and if you feel like helping people out, the link is still below.

---Hot Topics--- - Open letter to Icer Alum

To qoute Rebecca Black: "We so so excited, we so excited"

A strong showing by Penn State on Day 1 of Penn Relays

I don't know a lot about the Penn Relays, but I do know it's one of the most intense track and field events of the year. Good luck to everyone, keep running around and doing things I pretend to be good at. Like jogging..

---Best Of The Rest---

Kennesaw State University - KSUTV

Lewis Preston had a presser for his new job. If that sort of thing interests you, check it out.

NCAA's new outlook may add to Jim Tressel's punishment -

A good old flogging ought to do the trick.

2011 NFL Draft: Could Evan Royster Be a Late Round Steal? - Acme Packing Company

I didn't realize until I clicked the link that the site was a Packers SB Nation blog. The titles makes a little more sense now. As far as Royster, as much as I love the kid, free agency seems like his best bet. Nothing wrong with that at all  though.