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Half Baked 2011 NFL Draft Preview: Penn State

There are few things I care less about in this world than the NFL Draft. To me, it represents almost everything wrong with sports these days. After five months of football games, the talking heads spend three months picking apart every last part of Player X or Player Y's game, and it all culminates with an entire weekend of watching said talking heads sit on a set all day grading who "won" and "lost."

We spend almost as much time talking about where a group of say, 100 kids are going to play (because who really pays attention after round four?) as we do watching the actual games. It represents a disturbing shift in the culture, to me at least, where sports have become an obsession rather than an escape (Mel: I think he's going No. 21. Todd: ZOMG BLASPHEMY HE'S GOING NO. 26!!). Where the draft day trade some GM makes is just as exciting as a touchdown catch a player makes. And where people spend so much time hellbent on trying to figure out the future that they don't enjoy the present (you could say the same thing about college football recruiting...although that's child's play in comparison...for now).

Super Bowl Sunday is one day. The NFL Draft gets that level of attention from the media for three. Something's wrong there.

That said, as Penn Staters, naturally many here want to see Penn State's prospects this year do well and find a good situation. (the first return on Google when I searched "full mock draft") has Stefen Wisniewski as the first Nittany Lion off the board as the No. 77 overall pick of Tennessee in round two. Evan Royster is the only other former Penn State player on their board at No. 247 in round seven (Buffalo).

Use this thread to keep track of these guys over the weekend and wish them luck if you're so inclined.