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Nitt Links: Just A Word To The Wise

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When the Jerry Sandusky situation came about last week I said this wasn't going to be a topic in Nitt Links. That being said, I cannot avoid comment on an article like the one Mark Madden wrote last night. I understand the dots in the case. It isn't hard to see why it could look bad for the rest of the program. A few covered up stories here and there and you've got yourself a real big problem.

But I also know this. When you look at things, you can make it fit almost any story. As a political science major, I'm learning to take facts and analyze them in a way that can give me a credible non-emotional answer. Madden's article isn't based off of fact. It's the kind of speculation that continually leads to rumors, shaky journalism, and a good story over the truth.

Certainly, Madden has brought up a vaid point and like I've mentioned above, the concept isn't a radical idea. But it is still an idea, and that's my objection to the story. It's what broke the Internet over Matt Painter's job or the Iowa and Ohio State drama. A story becomes fact the more it is repeated and soon enough you've got yourself a full on storm to deal with. Nobody knows the truth, but everyone reports it.

So that's my soapbox moment. I know you're all smart people here on BSD, and I'm not going to tell you what to think. I would urge you however, to think. This case will get ugly before it goes away and the last thing we need is tarnish Joe Paterno's legacy because of wild speculation. Everyone has handled this situation with a lot of respect and I'm proud to say BSD isn't Audibles.

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