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Nitt Links Has A Lot Of Zoo-Zoo

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I had never heard someone say "Zoo-Zoo" and then I heard somebody say it twice in a highlight reel.

---Hot Topics---

Paterno wants to shore up Penn State's inconsistent offensive line

Apparently for a change of pace it is the inside of the offensive line is the part that needs the most work. I haven't lost hope though, somewhere around week 7-8 it'll get it going.

Thank You Terry: Head Coach Candidate: Casey Jones

TYT really does do good stuff, and if there is anything that has people excited that isn't football, it's hockey.

Youngstown News, For Penn State, no favorite at QB

I think this ought to be a pretty fun storyline for an otherwise straight forward Blue-White game. Bolden wants his job back, and McGloin wants to convince me he isn't who I thought he was. Unlike last year there is a lot more going on than a bunch of noob quarterbacks trying to figure out how to throw a fade. Well, that might still be happening, but atleast we know what we're dealing with this time.

---Best Of The Rest---

Morelli OnLion: Spring Training |

Yay for rehashing the press conference again. College Basketball Scheduling: Kinda like a Big Deal

Really solid article by Eric and the change in scheduling over the past few years. How long Ed is around to try this out, I don't know but the effort is there more than it used to be.