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Nitt Links: Bleacher Report With A Side Of Elite

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Since we're pacing around here a little bit with no football, basketball, or really anything going on I figured I'd throw up a few questions/topics to discuss. Links below range from Big Ten schedules to Texas recruiting. I imagine any of those topics on their own would fill up a thread but nothing is more fun than having 14 arguments at once. So go forth and be epic.

---Hot Topics---

Texas Longhorns once again a force on recruiting trail - ESPN

Interesting to see how a team can crash and burn and still pick up the recruits. Maybe that means Texas is elite. There isn't really any question that they are, but it has been a while since we've gone around that block.

Big Ten Football: Power Ranking the Coaches According to Job Security | Bleacher Report

Yes I know, Bleacher Report. But an interesting debate.

Spartans get easy football schedule in 2013-14, but will that hurt them? | Detroit Free Press |

That schedule is a real Sparty No if you want to win to play in a bowl game.

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State's Big Ten football schedules for 2011-2014 are set |

And our schedule is just about opposite Sparty.

Battle mediocre in first round loss at Portsmouth Invitational

Had a more indepth conversation with the guy in these tweets after the fact. I don't think it would be a real shock if Battle doesn't end up in the NBA, I don't agree he has a lacking IQ though. Kid might have had to jack up 3s all the time but I've seen plenty of dumb players, he isn't one of them.