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Hello. Good mornin'.



"Awwwww, man."

Hello all!  A little earlier this week, Mike and the rest of the gang invited me to write with them on BSD, and I happily accepted.  For everyone who doesn’t know me, I’m Adam Collyer, frequent(ly irritating) commenter and Penn State ’06 alum.  Glad to meet ya.  As a student, I saw Penn State football at its best (2005) and worst (2003-04).  As an alum, I've been a fellow diehard.

I can’t promise we’ll agree on everything (or anything, really), but I think that we’ll all be able to have some reasonable and fun conversations about major college football’s most unique program.  If you feel like chatting, I’m not a difficult guy to find - feel free to get after me right here in the comments or on Twitter @adamcollyer.  BSD’s a great community and I’m excited to be a part of it.