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Nitt Links Is Big Ten Ready

Last week Penn State picked up a guard from good old Wyoming. This kid was so good Dan Earl was shipped across the country to check him out. Considering the other 3 star players looking at Penn State this guy had to be something special. I'm not going to hate on somebody who wants to play here, I'm happy to give him a shot, but the quotes that came along yesterday really made me shake my head a little.

"Matt is a big, strong perimeter player that can play a variety of positions for us and I think will be able to make an immediate contribution to our team," coach Ed DeChellis said.

Well. Strong if you mean "Glover was the fourth-leading scorer for 24-10 Sheridan at 11.8 points a game. He shot 39 percent from the field, 28 percent from 3-point range and 71 percent on free throws."

"His body is Big Ten ready and I think he has a work ethic and overall demeanor and competitiveness that will fit in nicely on our team."

6'4 190 pounds isn't bad, but he's as big as me. I'm pretty sure my body wouldn't last a week against Purdue.

The point of this isn't to blast Glover. Seems like a nice guy, good schooling, and he's excited to play. The point here is the random selection of a Junior College player across the country with average stats and build. Penn State had better options on the table and turned them down a few days before they made official visits. For the most part Ed has done a good job filling up the roster, but this selection leaves more questions than answers.

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