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Nitt Links: Ok Pitt, Your Turn.

Time to step off the gas against OSU. Not that don't enjoy it, but we're getting close to beating this horse to death. Rest assured when something happens again, and it will. We'll be on top of it.

But you, our friends to the west. You've been hiding over there for a while. I heard you were going to bring in the recruits and I haven't seen any. And that first link below me doesn't help you out much does it?

 "Schools like that don't compare to Penn State"

I tend to agree.

---Hot Topics--- Level 40 - Dylan Pasik


Baseball Halted by Penn State, 10-3

lolz Pitt...again.

2011 NBA Draft Combine List |

Battle doesn't get an invite. Not a huge deal though. Free agency could be the best for him.

Paterno cuts back even more on travel :: The Republic

What is zero minus zero?

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State Softball

"Nittany Lion Softball Bucks Ohio State Twice" that title is almost as good as the corny FOS tweets.

Minnesota Gopher Football: Ranking the Big Ten QB's for 2011 - The Daily Gopher

Coming in at #6 without a QB is pretty legit.

Big Ten Men's Basketball Season in Review

Yay for being noteworthy. Even if it's a footnote.