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Nitt Links Has A Story For You

Heading out last night to see the sights and take them in as only I can, I ran into Talor Battle. Pretty normal for the end of town I was on. About a half a block away I ran into Drew Jones, seeing how I didn't help get any of his family members arrested I talked to him for a few minutes on our way to Cafe 210. When we got there, who was waiting for us? Evan Turner. Sitting outside drinking a beer waiting for Battle to get there.

Well, hell. Color me pretty emotionally confused. The last time I saw Turner in person he was 6 inches from my face telling me some unkind things. Considering I had said some pretty unkind things about his then Girlfriend I don't blame him. But now, Turner is playing his part on the Sixers. I can't hate a Philly kid, but I do remember him getting his lisp on in my face.

So I bought him a beer and called it even....

Why? Because now I know someone associated with Ohio State has gotten benefits because of athlete status.

---Hot Topics---

Poll: The Big Ten's most improved player - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

I know who I'm voting for. The nice part is I actually believe in my vote.

Lady Lions Bentley, Lucas invited to USA Basketball Trials |

In my personal quest to marry Maggie, I feel obligated to tell you this. In all seriousness though Lady Lions have got a real shot at making some serious noise next year.

Nittany Lion wrestling announces stellar 2011 recruiting class |

Anything to make Tom Brands do an interview over our fight song is fine by me.

---Best Of The Rest---

2011 schedule analysis: Penn State - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

I'd be pretty excited with anything better than last year. Just for the sake of progress.

Penn State Baseball Welcomes Minnesota on Friday

Extremely important with regards to the Big Ten standings, the series will continue on Saturday at 2:05 p.m. before wrapping up on Sunday at 12:05. Penn State (28-18, 8-10 Big Ten) enters the action tied for sixth place in the league, while Minnesota (19-18, 11-7) comes in sitting comfortably in second.

Auburn will defiantly go forward with plans for Cam Newton statue

These people make me lose my faith in humanity.

Nittany Lions Head Into Big Ten Outdoor Championships