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Nitt Links: Don't Underestimate Graduation

Seventy-one Penn State student-athletes are scheduled to graduate during Commencement exercises this weekend on the University Park campus.

Student-athletes from 23 of Penn State's 25 varsity sports (men's and women's track and field/cross country are combined) are among the 71 student-athletes that have been approved to graduate. In addition, 14 members of the cheerleading squad and eight members of the Lionettes dance teams are on the approved to graduate list.

I'm as proud of that number as I am the wins. Maybe graduation rates don't make the news, but when they're in the dumpster, everybody knows.

---Hot Topics---

Big-time football offers keep flowing in for Windsor’s four-star recruit Joey O’Connor

I want him to come here just so I can add that picture to my growing folder of "Oh...that picture is mildly terrifying."

Ex-Penn State running back: Rape case was conspiracy

This could use it's own post, but I've never really bought this whole story. Nothing about rape, accused rape, or anything in between should be taken lightly, but it all seems a little too easy. I'm not a lawyer, I know that seems to be a popular occupation in the blogosphere, so I won't talk about various legal aspects of this case. That being said, I'd enjoy nothing more than to see Scott find some peace in this part of his life. Whatever that might be.

Maryland needs more basketball graduates

Like I said. Be glad we don't have this problem.

---Best Of The Rest---

Wrestling legend, Art Weiss, dies at 102

A good story about a local figure. Maybe not on the Penn State level

13th Seed Ducks Penn State-Bound For NCAA Regional

If you're in town for the game, check it out. Softball field is really really nice.

10 Teams the Nittany Lions Love To Beat Most

I know I know. Bleacher Report. But our guy Kevin McGuire is trying to change things around there. Kevin is a good guy so give him some props for trying to clean that place up.