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Nitt Links: Underrated Games? Rank Them

A lot has come up for me in the past 24 hours so I'm going to let you guys run the discussiontoday. No choose your own adventure, but rather think about some Penn State sporting football games or sporting events you've been to or watched. Rank the Top 5 events that don't get the hype of OMG OHIO STATE 2005!!! But are still pretty epic.

1. Penn State-Iowa 2008-09 Basketball

2. Penn State--Temple 2010 Football

3. Penn State--Akron 2010 Soccer

4. Penn State--Notre Dame 2008 Basketball

5. Every women's volleyball game I've been to.

---Hot Topics---

Defending Jim Tressel in front of the NCAA comes at a cost to Ohio State: Bill Livingston |

As always, the comments about this article are as much fun to read as the article itself.

Women finish second, men sixth at Big Ten Championships

After winning the last three Big Ten Outdoor Championships, a fourth straight title was just out of reach for Penn State women's track and field team. The team tallied a total of 122 points over the weekend in Iowa City, Iowa. Ohio State was the lone team to score more than the Nittany Lions, the Buckeyes took home the Big Ten title with 135 points.

Richardson To Announce Decision On Thursday - SB Nation Detroit

Penn State offered but isn't in the final running. That being said there are some Big Ten implications.

---Best Of The Rest---

Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel has no intention of quitting: Analysis |

I used to think Tressel would get fired and take the fall for the Admins when it got ugly. Now I'm not so sure. Either way, Jim Tressel would be out of a job at 90% of the rest of Division I schools. There isn't really one good reason why he should still have one at OSU.

Gay and at peace, former Villanova starter Will Sheridan discusses his coming-out story - ESPN

A very well told, well put together article. No matter how you personally handle these sorts of topics, it's a powerful story. And it is written by a PSU Alum which makes it even better.

Virginia Commonwealth’s Smart, Penn State’s Washington named top coaches by BCA - The Washington Post

Really looking forward to the upcoming season. Maggie Lucas and Co could make some noise. A fan of women's basketball or not, Penn State is better off when the Lady Lions are taking names.