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Nitt Links: Transfer Island

It seems that ranking things is what you folks enjoy. So I've got another one for you. I haven't ever been a Brandon Ware fan. A little annoyed about non-stop tweeting in the middle of him being in the doghouse. But hey, tweeting isn't against the law. That being said, I do wish him well where ever he ends up.

Top 5 transfers you wish Penn State could have kept.


I've sort of taken up PE as my studying music. Video is well done, and Mike Wallace does a good job. Check it out.

---Hot Topics---

Penn State University Official Athletic Site - Athletics News

A school record nine Penn State teams have received a Public Recognition Award from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for earning high scores in the most recent Academic Progress Rate (APR) compilation.

HEISER: Penn State-Pitt rivalry belongs to another era - York Dispatch

Tend to agree. I understand why it is an important part of Penn State football history, but I really don't care about Pitt. I'll admit, I wasn't alive when Pitt mattered, but considering how much I hate Ohio State. I think I've got a good idea what it was like.

B1G 2011 // Penn State Point/Counterpoint - Off Tackle Empire

Will Penn State play in the first ever Big Ten Championship Game on December 3rd in Lucas Oil Stadium?

---Best Of The Rest---

Thank You Terry: The Daley Show

Sounds like a really good pickup for the program. Sooner rather than later I'll need to sit down and get all the details about college hockey recruiting. Even when I do I'm sure I'll still be checking out TYT to find out if I'm right or not.

Thank You Terry: Will Gadowsky Raid Princeton? (Part I)

Hopefuly as much as I raided one blog for links.

Lane Kiffin and the 20 Most Polarizing Coaches | Bleacher Report

I know...but it made me laugh, so go have your way with it.