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Nitt Links: Hiding In Our Fortt

When I first started these "Rankings" posts I never expected that they would lead to 150+ comment threads. In all honesty writing an intro to these things 5 times a week is the most challenging thing I do all day. I don't know if that speaks more to my lack of creativity or to what I spend the rest of the day doing. Either way, yesterday was a pretty good day for news. Commits, transfer talk, and more OSU juice.

So enjoy and oh..if you feel like it rank Penn State's Top 5 linebackers.

---Hot Topics---

 RUDEN Fortt's strong play at Penn State silencing critics - GreenwichTime

I've been friends with Nate Stupar for about 10 years, as much as I like Nate, I'd love to see Fortt get a start and really grow his skill set. Stupar has been a much better special teams player and there isn't anything wrong with being the one of blocks punts.

Penn State football comments: Transfer away from PSU good for Brandon Ware

I don't know that I would put Brandon Ware in the "Better off without" category. But I don't think that his transfer is a crushing blow. We'll put it at that.

Michigan's Brady Hoke credits assistants for recruiting success

Can't figure out what I think of Hoke. When I hear him talk he kind of makes me laugh, but I don't get the feeling I did when I looked at Rich Rod. Only time will tell. Beat him a few times and I'll be happy.

---Best Of The Rest---

Ohio State AD still backs Jim Tressel | Detroit Free Press |

When this is all said and done, I find myself being a lot more annoyed with Smith than Tressel. On the surface I don't really blame Tressel. Sure he covered up a violation, but really that isn't the crime. The real crime in this is the seemingly large administrative cover up to never let this get out. It's one thing to sweep something under the rug as a coach, it is something else to do it as a university.

Big Ten considers proposal to help athletes cover living expenses - ESPN

Really think paying athletes beyond a scholarship is a start down slippery slope. This whole idea could use a seperate post, but in short, I don't like the idea.

Football: Pennsbury's Denman picks Penn State

More of yesterday's news. Like the kid and his skills. Welcome to Penn State.