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Nitt Links: Sometimes You Just Like A Guy

I got the chance yesterday to talk to Silas Redd. I had heard a lot of good things about him, my mom who works at a local school said that when he visited to read the kids books that he was the only one who came in a suit. She said that he told her that "He wanted to make a good impression on young kids" So if my mom likes you, then you're fine by me. 

But frankly I was blown away. You might not meet a more down to earth, humble, generally nice guy. It's nice to know that in a world full of guys like McGloin (Who in his defense none of us really know) that we've got guys like Silas trying to do the right thing the right way. It makes it really easy to root for somebody like that.

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For Silas Redd It’s Time To Shine

Hope you enjoy.

'Street agents' concern Big Ten coaches

We'll be covering the whole money, athletes, agents and fun later on but this is a pretty interesting article about some of  the issues going on today. A few interesting Paterno qoutes as well.

Michigan Football enjoying recruiting success under Brady Hoke | isportsweb

Apparently Michigan is picking up another recruit today in soft verbal form as of 2 am I don't know who that might be.

Penn State eliminated - The Daily Collegian Online 

Coming off a 16-inning marathon game that last three hours and thirty-five minutes Saturday night, the Penn State softball team put up a tough fight before falling to the Oregon Ducks 3-1 at Beard Field Sunday.

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Frank Bodani: Father's Penn State football dreams could be realized by son

His father, who was spurned by Penn State all of those years ago, still admires the coach and the university. He made sure it found a place in Patrick's mind. They made a recruiting stop there last month.  Now, the kid will announce his college destination at a press conference this afternoon.  Penn State is one of the final choices.

Comeeee to Penn Stateeee.

Big Ten Basketball: First Impressions for 2011-12 Season

Not a bad anaylsis of Penn State. Still excited to see Trey Lewis play, even then I don't know how many wins to expect. I know Fugi and I don't agree 100% on this one.