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Ed DeChellis Leaves Penn State: Press Conference Notes

At just after 7:00 P.M. this evening, former Penn State head coach Ed DeChellis addressed a stunned Penn State media about his decision to leave Happy Valley and take the coaching job at the United States Naval Academy. The coach was emotional talking about his future and taking a look back at his years with the Nittany Lions. Here are some of the highlights from the presser. UPDATE: Video after the jump.

  • Called Penn State a "special place," but said his trip to look around at the Academy was "very, very powerful."
  • Felt taking the Navy job was his "calling," and working with those who want to serve our country is his "civic duty."
  • Pointed out the Navy job did not open up until May 9 to those who questioned the timing. Said "I can't control that."
  • DeChellis has talked to most of the players and incoming freshman.
  • Called the Penn State job a "great job" with "all the bells and whistles."
  • Coach hopes assistants Dan Earl and Kurt Kanaskie follow him to the Academy if things don't work out for them at Penn State.
  • "You always like to leave a program in better shape than when you arrived and I think, quite obviously, that's the case here."
  • Strongly refuted claims made across the media that his decision had anything to do with lack of respect from administration. 
  • Repeatedly stated his decision was more about going to Navy than leaving Penn State.
  • Stay tuned for much more about Ed DeChellis' departure from Penn State here on BSD.


    UPDATE: As you might have guessed, I was in on the press conference remotely as I'm away from State College for the summer. I didn't get very clear audio on the phone, so a lot of my quotes are choppy. Blue White Illustrated has full video of the presser, though. We've embedded it below.