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Nitt Links: It Has Been So Nice And Quiet

Short and sweet intro. Been up way too late the past few days reading, writing and tweeting. Rambler has got to be tired of my attempted humor anyway and there is so much to talk about you don't need me to tell you what to talk about.

Besides, I'm a fanboy. #Gigered

---Hot Topics---

Pulitzer Prize Winner Tailing Buckeyes

I'm a big fan of Sports by Brooks. Guy does a good job staying on top of real issues. That being said, I hate, hate, hate when a article makes you read a million lines and then have the writer say, but that isn't happening.

So if you don't want to read the whole article let me help you. That SI article everybody is talking about? Isn't done yet, might not even happen.

The best part about all of this? Local Ohio media breaking the story over and over again. While message boards are crushing ESPN for bringing it up, their own newspapers are fighting to break the next story. But I forgot, those sorts of people "Aren't real buckeyes"

Olczyk, as in...Olczyk

A day earlier and this would have been much bigger news. DeChellis has kind of one-tracked things for Penn State but picking up a name like Olczyk should be mentioned.

Academics help Ohio State football program’s image

You keep telling yourself that.

----Best Of The Rest---

Quick Hit: Larry Brown And Penn State

Keeping up with the tone of the day: Possible, but not likely.

Penn State comments: Who should be next PSU men's basketball coach? |

Interesting lists but I can't really blame anybody for shooting for the stars.

Penn State needs a coach with a recruiting base

Could not agree more. Get somebody who can get to Philly. If not Philly then you better connect with a good city.