Dear Tim Curley From Team Drunj



SO lets see. What you do this week? Talked to LARRY MOTH** ******* BROWN? Oh nooo. You've got a thing for the old folks don't you Timothy? You could probably write his salary off as a donation to charity for all the old folk you con. You gonna give that 70 year old man a chance to wield his big old dragon one last...wait....


...Anyway We need somebody to fill that spot you got missing on your staff. Yea buddy, your boy Ed skipped out of town and got all Anchors Away on your ass. Sorry to hear it, I gave that man hell everyday I was fortunate enough to wake up. He didn't alway need it, but I like to think I made his sould stronger. Sure, working with you must be like Hells Kitchen except you never show up to go Gordon Ramsey on him. You're like a poor mans Cory Giger. Show up to a big game, and then pretend you know what you're talking about. Well..that's just Cory Giger, but I digress.


That being said, It is a real shame that you made a man hate his dream job so much that he left and took a pay cut. Sure that cash isn't everything, but come on, you know those dollar bills are going to be missed in that DeChellis household. I know those gils, they be loving them dollars.

But back to my boy Larry. Seems like the dude was pretty legit. Sure he's got some history. Dude was straight running the streets like a young Jim Tressel. I know that cat won't be around long, but hell man. Guy said he'd take a pay cut, would grow somebody to take his job when he left, and he'd make the program better in the process. Seems like a pretty sweet deal. I mean, I'm not you but I feel like you got get a little conversation going, not a quick one over the phone.


But lets say you didn't want to deal with the circus. I feel you. A lot goes on when you bring in a NBA Hall of Fame coach. You don't want basketball to suck but you don't want to deal with 3 million dollar coaches. I get that but you couldn't give him a commitment? Not even a general BS one? Dude didn't want to marry your daughter (poor thing) he just wanted to know you wouldn't jump ship when he needed to find recruits.

I mean, when you say " I wan't to make the program better" it doesn't mean "You can have the job"

Just think about these poor people who aren't Hall of Fame coaches. You just told Larry Brown that you couldn't give him a commitment to the program. How in the world is some assistant or Head Coach of some mid-level school going to get the stone to talk to you? I bet that dude straight pooped himself when he heard that. Nothing screams "I just dont give a damn" like half assing your job openings.


I mean, good baby Jesus. Just tell the man "We're commited to moving the program forward but we're looking for more youth"

I could live with that. I don't mind turning down Larry Brown. That in itself is not a huge deal. What is a huge deal is using 2 of the 4 brain cells God gave you and promptly shooting yourself in the foot. I can hardly wait until you try and hire Joe's replacement.

The sad part is. You don't care. You're that guy who sits in the back of math class, looks down and his fly is open. But hell, nobody is going to see it, so you don't fix it. Why? Because that would require work, and if nobody can see your fly is down then nobody will know when it's fixed.

Well Mr Curley. Your fly is down, and I dont wanna see this stuff. I've been a basketbal fan for too long to watch you smack this job around like it doesn't matter who's incharge when you've got a TV contract.

Ok? Cool. I gotta pee.

Team Drunj


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