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Nitt Links: Back To Business

Promised everyone we wouldn't get political again unless there was a good reason to. That being said, thanks for going about all of it with respect and class, I'm proud to be a part of the Internet where we've got our heads attached on some level. Nothing wrong with a debate or conversation as long as you're not getting in eachother's face about. So props to you. Maybe at somepoint we can have these sorts of conversations on the sideboard. We'll worry about that another day though.

Finals week is killing me, so I apologize if my attempted wit and humor is a little off today. Then again, you aren't reading these to laugh, you want the news.

So here it is.

---Hot Topics--- 

Which little-known offensive player will be a breakout star in 2011?

Give Alex Kenney the ball. However you go about doing that, make it happen. And yes, I know he isn't on offense on the depth chart.

How big a deal is the Nittany Lions' lack of tight end depth? |

I guess you don't know God's Gift's until you don't have them.

Welcome, Matt Glover

Penn State hoops thread about Glover. Not to knock the thread below, but this one will be more active if walk-on JUCO guards get you excited.

---Best Of The Rest---

Laurie Schiller, the Most Successful College Coach You've Never Heard Of

1,000 wins. That's just a lot.

Nittany Lion Basketball Hands Out Post-Season Awards

Didn't get an invite to this for the first time in 4 years. I guess reporting on Taran Buie will hurt your street cred a little. While I know the actual reason I wasn't on the list (You can make that story up if you'd like) I like to tell myself it's the former. Something about being the program's biggest fan and greatest enemy the past year makes me laugh. Either way, these guys were a special bunch if for no other reason than they proudly put up with 4 years of everything that comes with Penn State basketball.

Ohio State Suspends Linebacker -

Calm down, he only had 8 tackles last year. Which makes him a perfect person to suspend..