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Nitt Links: What An Interesting Day

Well. That was interesting. It is amazing what a few days can do to a program and a coach. I don't want to say I feel bad for Tressel but it is just painful to watch it just crumble sooo slowly. That being said. My God yesterday was fun as all hell. I'm not going to triple rehash the article that has everyone talking. I'll let you guys go over that for now. At some point in here we'll have to get back to our own football team. Not yet though. This is too much fun.

---Hot Topics--- 

Sports Illustrated investigation on Jim Tressel, Ohio State - - Magazine

I'm sure that all of you have read this by now. If you haven't, here is the link.

Pat Chambers Should Be the Next Coach at PSU | NittanyWhiteOut

Lots of debate on who exactly should get the job. That being said Chambers seems to get a vote from almost everyone with an opinion. Including mine which is hard to do.

Pryor Offenses: QB Loses Coach, Keeps Dealer

I don't like my man Pryor. But he either has the strongest troll-hand. Or he is just kind of stupid.

---Best Of The Rest--- CFB 100, No. 79: Joe Paterno -

Adam Jacobi talking about Joe. Not a whole lot more can be said but that.

Slow States Podcast #32: INSERT VEST PUN HERE. | Slow States

I'm a sucker for these things. Just skip past the Wrestling stuff if that isn't your cup of tea.

Paterno highest-paid employee at Penn State - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Because you know, in the middle of everything, this is what you want to talk about.