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Nitt Links: Chose Your Own Adventure

Finals have got me up 25 of the 24 hours in the day. So I'll let you do the talking. 5 players, any era of Penn State football, you've got to start a team. Who do you pick? We're talking players you build a program around, you don't need 1 QB 1 RB ect, just 5 guys you'd want in your lockerroom.

Once I have my life back you'll be able to enjoy the humor that Rambler has learned to love if only to laugh at.

---Hot Topics---

Jay Paterno: Penn State has 'an idea' of who will start at QB

A nice step forward. Got no inside information, but if I was going to bet on somebody it would be Bolden.

Hawkins praises Paterno at camp

Always like these articles. "So do you like Joe?"..."Well hell yea I do, winningest coach of all time, why wouldn't I?"

SPORTSbyBROOKS » OSU’s Gee: ‘college sports most ignominious year’

This article on its own could have made up entire post.

---Best Of The Rest---

Big Ten Network analysts make football predictions

There isn't any real reason on the surface to not pick Ohio State, but considering the banhammer running their way I wouldn't be surprised if they got a little distracted.

U-M's May 21 Game with PSU to be Televised at 4 p.m. on Big Ten Network

Baseball team is actually pretty good this year. Not a big baseball guy but I respect the mighty W. I won't watch this game though since I've never watched the baseball team win. If I'm that much of bad luck I'll take my talents to somewhere else.

NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Osborne Says Only Time And Quality Could Make An NU-IU Rivalry - NE

Tom Osborne is one funny looking fellow. And I wouldn't advise talking down to Iowa, that's usually when they beat you....