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Nitt Links: Chose Your Own Adventure. Chapter 2

So while we continue to watch my life slowly fade away amongst my books and notes, we'll keep the discussion going. Yesterday you guys picked 5 guys you'd want in the huddle, keeping up with having all the power in the world I've got another one for you. 5 years, 5 teams you'd want to play in the non-conference over that time. Basically, schedule Penn State some games, who do you want to play?

I'll go first: (In no order)

Nevada, Oregon, Texas Tech, Alabama, Texas

---Hot Topics---

Penn State Men's Hockey Adds Fisher, Lindsay to Staff

In short, Guy is bringing his Princeton coaching staff to Penn State. Makes sense and all things considered.

PSU not showing interest in Penn Hills WR

In a camp strong at receivers - including four-star prospects like Eugene Lewis, Joel Caleb and Corey Smith - Jones was named his positions outstanding player.

UMass LAX nips Penn State in OT |
Tough loss but considering how last year went it has been a great season.

---Best Of The Rest--

Men’s basketball rules committee recommends restricted area arc -

Why we ever had to wait this long for an actual arc under the basket is beyond me. It's like telling a ref to just eyeball the sideline without putting one on the court.

Thank You Terry: 2011 Recruiting Class

Penn State has been picking up hockey recruits pretty much under the radar. These guys are all coming in before Guy got the job but not bad pickups.

Women’s Basketball: Dara Taylor to transfer " Terrapin Trail

Taylor played on Maggie Lucas' AAU team so it's a good addition for the Lady Lions.