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Nitt Links: Just A Careless Whisper

So if you happened to notice I wasn't around on Friday, that would in large part have to do with the lack of power, water, and internet that graced my apartment for the span of 12 or so hours. Why you might ask? That is a question I'm asking myself. Yes I paid the bills, and no I wasn't attacked during my time off the grid. Busy day ahead with people giving away cars and...more people giving away more buckle up.

---Hot Topics---

How will Beaver Stadium 'White Out' affect PSU-Alabama?

I'd say it gives a 10 to 14 point boost.

Hawks collect walk-off win against Penn State

I didn't watch the game, so it isn't my fault this time.

SPORTSbyBROOKS " The Lost Tressel Emails: Proof of OSU Coverup?

Fugi will have more of this later in the day, but for now take a glance over this wonderful page of gossip and fact.


---Best Of The Rest---

YouTube - Sexy Sax Man Serenades Penn State!

Because you know, 7 minutes of Careless Whisper is good for you.

Michigan basketball coach John Beilein thinks his program has turned a corner

Right around the same time Penn State blew 2 different 10 point leads at home.

Penn State Blogosphere Rasies $2,034 For Alabama Relief

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible. Went way better than I ever thought it would.