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Nitt Links: A New Era

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We've talked a lot about Ohio State and all that jazz for a few days now, but Penn State is getting pretty close to some news of its own. According to statements made by Tim Curley yesterday, we're getting really close to finding out who gets to be the lucky one to rebuild this basketball program of ours.

A lot of places have publish lists of people they think could get the job, but at the end of the day we've got no idea. In all honesty I would not at all be shocked if Penn State hires somebody who hasn't made anyone's list. And to be frank, considering the lists are glowing with epic win, I don't care who Penn State hires as long as it looks like they didn't roll a 14 sided die to come up with the name.

But if we picked up Pat Chambers. I'd be pretty pleased.


---Hot Topics---

 With Ed DeChellis' departure, Penn State looking for the right fit for basketball team | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/01/2011

Someone with patience. Lots of it.

Nothing standing in way of Ohio State-Urban Meyer union | The Detroit News

Except all of these sanction situations. A lot of people got upset about the tweets regarding Urban Meyer heading to Penn State. Not that I don't understand that, I just think it is going to be impossible to find a coach that will make everyone happy and also have never done anything bad in their life ever. It isn't a "everybody does it" it's a "You can still have success with honor and make mistakes." I know I'll get flamed for saying so, and I'm not saying I want Meyer here. But we seem to ride a pretty high horse while expected Tim Curley to go and hire a football God to keep the program going.

A look at Phil Steele's All-Big Ten teams - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Nice to see Moye get a nod. I think the most impressive thing about losing to MSU was how hard Moye played at the end of the game. Could have a really special year. Even more so if the Overlord keeps dropping passes.

---Best Of The Rest---

A Doctrine Of Ignorance

I pretty much look for any reason to use the word doctrine.

Time for Terrelle Pryor to pay for his stare of the bad deeds at Ohio State

Go to timeout. Go.

HEISER: Pryor's Penn State snub now seems like gift - York Dispatch

There isn't a "seems" about it. I was glad he didn't come here before all of this.