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Rob Bolden Still Needs Wings Over

The only thing about Robert Bolden more documented than his waffling commitment to Penn State is his love for Wings Over Happy Valley food. If you follow him on Twitter, you've probably seen him mention the establishment numerous times, and Sunday night, after a day of tweeting his way through a journey from his home in Michigan, he appeared to confirm his return to Happy Valley in a pair of tweets, one of them including his favorite State College eatery.

Just walked n my room ..was setting up my bed.. looked at the tv n saw the mavs with hats on. Had a bed riser n my hand and broke it..less than a minute ago via TweetCaster Favorite Retweet Reply


Welp. Ima be sleeping crooked tonight.. I need some #wingsoverless than a minute ago via TweetCaster Favorite Retweet Reply

Now, this is far from definitive proof that he intends to stay at Penn State for 2011, but for now we can read between the lines and figure he probably intends to sleep on that broken bed for a while at least. The second summer session of classes, one many football players attend, begins in a couple of weeks and fall practice won't follow far behind.

At this late stage in the game, a bolt from the program would be pretty shocking. It looks for now like Bolden is settling back in and putting the whole "Will he or won't he" chapter of the quarterback controversy behind him. Now, with Paul Jones also reportedly set to return to Penn State, it would seem we're headed toward the battle royale for the starting quarterback job between Bolden, Jones and Matthew McGloin that many have hoped for since the Outback Bowl.

Nothing is official yet, and for a story as whacky as Bolden's has been in the past year it's hard to really rule anything out, but downing local wings seems to be a pretty big hint of what his intentions are at this point in time.