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Nitt Link: The Night Shift

For various reasons, we're bringing you links at night, today, so tomorrow we'll be back to normal. Got it? Good. We've gone over most of the big news already today but this is what we've got still roaming around the interwebs at this hour.

---Hot Topics---

 College football notes: Iowa tightens promo video oversight - Peoria, IL -

This rule seems kind of wierd, but I'm sure it's keeping somebody from taking advantage of somebody else.

Terrelle Pryor hires agent Drew Rosenhaus with sights on NFL - ESPN

If anybody can make Pryor look good it is Rosenhaus.

Lawyer who tipped Jim Tressel about memorabilia is under investigation by Ohio’s top court - The Washington Post

This doesn't ever end does it?

---Best Of The Rest---

Sanderson’s freestyle return a success - Sports | Centre Daily Times

This man just doesn't lose.

Penn State football comments: Does Joe Paterno give troubled players preferential treatment if they're talented? |

I wouldn't call second chances preferential treatment.

Rob Bolden back at Penn State to compete for starting job - The Daily Collegian Online

And I'm back on #TeamBolden