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Nitt Links: Hello Again

Seems like we were just talking about things getting back to normal and now it is 10:30 and I'm grabbing more links. It's the price we pay for 24/7 linkage I suppose. I apologize in advance for some shorter Nitt Links in terms of all of this poor humor in the front. I'm dealing with some personal issues at home so I don't have the time I used to to google "bad jokes". Have no fear though. Things will be back sooner than you know.

---Hot Topics---

Green and Bolden ready to roll

I bet you can do a lot of rolling when your bed is missing a riser.

Badgers Land 4 star recruit

Nothing like another offensive tackle to bowl people over.

Fickell emphasizes passion

I'm glad I"m not that man: "Well people, all of that stuff..yea, no more of that"

---Best Of The Rest---

Bolden for starter

I would agree with all of this. Mostly because I'm not a fan of gingers.

Gee says thanks for the dollar bills

This article is full of jokes waiting to be made.

Meanwhile Michigan has recruited everyone to ever play football.

And I mean, everyone.