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Nitt Links: Oh Pitt

I've got to say that when I avoid the internet I miss some of the most unexpected stories. Last time I took a break for the day to golf I come back and DeChellis is stepping down. Fired would have been surprising, but stepping down was shocking.

So yesterday, I get a chance to check the web and now Pitt and Penn State are playing a home-and-home. The rivalry is an important part of Penn State history, and I'm happy to see that we've got a few games coming up, but I don't really want to play them every year. It isn't a knock on their program, which in all honesty isn't what is was, but I'd rather not see the rivalry forced down our throats.

And by that I mean turning a Penn State-Pitt game into something like Ohio State 2005. A constant attempt to recreate something that isn't anymore. I don't mind playing Pitt, but I don't want us all pretending that it's going to be the same it was 20-30 years ago. Even then, the HATE HATE HATE seems to have been a little overblown.

Don't get me wrong, it'll be fun to play them, but I can't take year after year of "PENN STATE???? MORE LIKE STATE PENN!!!"

For real. I'll ban you if you put that joke in your subject line.

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