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Nitt Links: Well Hello Michael Robinson

---Hot Topics---

 Penn State's Bradley reflects on Pitt rivalry - York Dispatch

Tom Bradley says at the end of the article he hopes he's alive when the game comes 5 years...

Ohio State's Top Compliance Person Drives Courtesy Car

Even if this isn't really against the rules, it doesn't look good. Athletic Directors can drive a "free" car but compliance people can't. I'm not 100% on the rules situation so I won't pretend to be.

State College, PA - 'A Man Is Not Finished When He's Defeated. He Is Finished When He Quits.'

This article seems to have rubbed some folks the wrong way. I wouldn't say that Pryor's downfall was the media's doing. But I don't think Jay is wrong with his big-picture either.

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State University Official Athletic Site - Football

The Nittany Lions' 1986 National Championship football team, one of the most outstanding squads in Penn State's storied gridiron history, will be reunited at the Oct. 8 Big Ten home opener against Iowa in Beaver Stadium.

Jacks defenseman Mark Yanis commits to Penn State University - Junior Hockey News