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BSD Summer Housekeeping Notes

Thanks to the folks at the SB Nation mothership, we as a BSD staff don't have to worry about the technical side of blogging very often. At the very most, we just have to send an email saying "Can you please fix this?" and generally the situation is resolved quickly. This means we rarely have to write posts like these to keep you folks informed of what's going on behind the scenes.

That said, there are some issues we want to square with you, our fantastic community, and we thought this weekend would be as good a time as any to do that as we inch toward football season.

-Before you go any further, please follow/"like" BSD at these two locations.

Chances are, you, the reader, spend more of your time on these two sites than you do on BSD. We do, too. They connect us to the people and things we care about in life. That's why they're the best way to track everything that happens here at BSD. If you follow those two pages, you'll know the instant new content is published, both here on the front page and over in the fanposts and fanshots, where some equally cool stuff shows up frequently.

-If you like our posts, we encourage you to use the Facebook and Twitter share buttons at the tops and bottoms of each post. They're a great way to draw your friends and followers into the BSD community without being too heavy handed about it. Of course, if you think our posts are crap and you don't want to share them, we understand. But if you do, we really appreciate any Facebook or Twitter love you might give us.

-We're always looking for talented writers to join the staff here at BSD. If you think you've got what it takes, we highly encourage you to show us what you've got in the fanposts. Write about topics that interest you and find thorough and creative ways to express your views on them. Our policy has always been "Put in the effort, and we'll put you on the front page," and it continues to be. So what are you waiting for? Get to work!

-As you may have noticed, the athletic department has granted us a lot of access to the teams over the last year. We'd like to hear how you, the readers, would like us to use that access. We've experimented with things in the last few months, but if you have any ideas for recurring features or other posts you'd like to see, please, let us know.

-What are some things you think we could work on, generally? We know we can improve in a lot of areas, and if you can offer some constructive criticism, we'd love to hear it. Touch on whatever you want. We can take it. Just try to keep a positive attitude and we'll note your suggestions.