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Nitt Links Has A Hard Act To Follow

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When we go off on 600+ comment threads about Jesus and Texas trying to leave the Union it almost seems pointless to write an intro to these things. That being said, that was quite a large amount of win, so I applaud you all for that.

Crazy Ohio State fans, Success with Honor, and a new hockey coach. Lets hop to it.

---Hot Topics--- 

"Coaching searches are about second choices" - Courtside View -

This man speaks wisdom. I actually wouldn't be against waiting a year to go on the coaching search. Unless Bo Ryan comes to town next year is going to be a struggle either way.

Ohio State student journalists get threats over Tressel coverage | Poynter.

Yea, you people don't have a problem.

What Does Success With Honor Really Mean?

Half of you will hate me, or love me.

---Best of The Rest---

New Penn State women's hockey coach Josh Brendwene has Hershey roots |

It doesn't matter where you go, or what you do. Tim Curley will find and hire you.

Penn State shows interest in UWM's Jeter - JSOnline

Just not Everhart. Please. Pretty please.

NCAA visiting Ohio State to investigate new charges in case -

It keeps going and going and going.