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Rothstein: Patrick Chambers To Be Named New Penn State Basketball Coach, Report Possibly Premature

There's no official confirmation from the University as of this posting, but all signs are pointing toward Boston University's Patrick Chambers being named Penn State's new basketball coach thisThursday evening.

CBS' Jeff Goodman tweets that he talked to Duquesne coach Ron Everhart this evening, and Everhart told Goodman he'll be staying at Duquesne. In the mean time, MSG's Jon Rothstein tweets that sources indicate Penn State will hire Chambers.

Again, nothing is official as of this posting. Goodman tweets as of 8:24 P.M. that Chambers has not been offered the job, however, it would appear he has a lot of momentum, as one of his assistants at BU, Dwayne Killings, has already reportedly defected to Temple.

We'll have much more on the hire once it becomes official. For now, check out our coaching profile on Chambers from this morning to learn more about him and we'll have full coverage of the story once confirmation comes from the University.

UPDATE 9:09 P.M.: David Jones of the Harrisburg Patriot-News has apparently talked to Chambers and tweets " tweet that Pat Chambers is new PSU coach is news to Pat Chambers. Premature. Maybe at some point but not yet."

UPDATE 9:20 P.M.: It bears mentioning that there's a Coaches vs. Cancer golf outing scheduled for 12:30 P.M. tomorrow. In the event that Penn State has, or is very close to having its man, it'd certainly be odd for all the Penn State basketball big wigs to be walking around a golf course with all these rumors swirling.

UPDATE 9:35 P.M.:'s Andy Katz says it's down to Chambers and Milwaukee's Rob Jeter.